A Day on the Road

25 04 2010

Usually on a Sunday we stay pretty close to home, not today.

Today we decided to get outside into the sunshine, and hit the road.   So we packed the dogs, their water bowl, leads, a thermos full of water for them, and drinks for us, and head out into the big blue yonder.

We ended up in Leavenworth, a picturesque “German” town over 100 miles from home.  We drove over snow covered mountains, past white water rapids, and enjoyed German fare, and coffee at the other end before turning around and heading home.

The dogs loved it!  They spent most of the time with their noses in the air pointed towards the open windows as we drove, and frolicking on the regular breaks we gave them along the way.  Spoilt little mutts.  They then slept nearly all the way home.

We’re definitely going to have to go back again.  Bed time now.  Hope you all had great weekends! 🙂