Any Ideas?

27 04 2010

Over the years I’ve owned a number of cats, but never, and I mean NEVER have I owned one that is so utterly and completely obsessed with playing.

Obsessed to the point that we’ve had to hide some toys where she can’t reach them.  She knows where they are though, and will sit at the base of the cabinet howling as long as it takes for us to cave in and play with her.

She has toys everywhere, automated laser pointers, spring loaded ones stuck to walls, a cat climbing tower, a ball in a track that goes incessantly in figure 8’s when she hits it, and assorted scratching posts, she even has another cat to play with, although even he’s growing tired of her.  It’s sheer insanity.

If she wasn’t so cute, or intelligent, the lengths she’ll go to to get her toys is astounding, I’d try and strangle her.  As it is, I have a spray bottle next to me when I use my laptop as it’s near the toy cabinet and she spends all her time howling at my feet or jumping on my lap and climbing on me to try and get closer to her toys.

Ugh, it’s break time now though.  Food is the only way to distract her, and right now she’s eating so I’m going to enjoy the peace.



One response

27 04 2010

Put her in time out space, while your working, & put her food in one of those ball that she has to work out how to get it out thats should slowher down a bit Good Luck

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