Happy Hump Day!

28 04 2010

Today’s been one of the most productive and enjoyable days I’ve had in quite some time.  It started early with Pilates where my instructor and friend Derik had me assume all manner of bizarre position which ended with us both giggling inappropriately, then a spot of shopping for assorted gifts with my friend Lisa, then off to lunch and to meet a new friend Brian, which I enjoyed immensely, both for the food and the company. 🙂

Then home again where I finally had the energy and enthusiasm to mow the front lawn which has been in dire need of maintenance for over a month.

I only slightly overestimated my energy levels, so while I got the lawn mowed, and a whole pile of weeds removed, I had to stop before I could do the edges.  Oh well, they’ll still be there later on.

Now it’s not long past 6pm, I’m showered, the pets are all fed, and it’s time to relax for the evening!

Happy Dance! 🙂