The Death of Irony

31 05 2010

Like a lot of people I use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends.

Often it’s fun, and often it’s humorous, and often it’s taken a lot more seriously than is probably appropriate. Today was such a day.

For weeks now it has been virtually daily occurrence to see status updates with instructions that the information be copied and pasted to your own status. Kind of repetitive and often annoying. Of course that could just be me being cynical…

Today, just for a laugh I put up a status of my own…

“If you consider yourself a unique, one of a kind individual, copy and paste this to your status… ;)”

Silly me. I honestly thought the joke was obvious, apparently not as a couple of people took the time to tell me that this would mean they really weren’t unique after all…

Duh! That was the point. On the upside, at least someone is reading my status… 😉

Iron Man 2

30 05 2010

Well, despite hearing bad reviews we went and saw Iron Man 2 this evening, and I have to say, for myself, despite some inconsistencies with the original movie, I quite enjoyed it.

It’s all fast moving action, and explosions, and that’s just what I needed for my entertainment requirements for the day.

Would I see it again?  Yes, but probably not in a theatre, unless I had free tickets.  Would I recommend it?  Yes, but don’t break your neck getting there.

All that aside, it’s nearly midnight, and I’m off to bed.  Early to rise for Monday, a public holiday. 

Can anyone say “three day weekend?” 😉

Two Old Ladies…

29 05 2010

Two old ladies are catching up over coffee, one turns to the other and asks; “Did you come on the bus?”

The other replies; “Yes, but I made it look like an asthma attack.”

Boom!  Boom!

Sheer Genius!

28 05 2010

Now I’m a fan of using cameras as tools for more than just recording memories.  I regularly use mine as a reminder device, especially of where I parked when I’m in a multi-level carpark, like at the airport.

But when I stumbled across this blog entry of someone’s personal use of their camera as a it’s own security or tracking device I had to laugh, and marvel at the genius behind it.

Judge for yourself.  All credit goes to the author Darren Rowse, the blog; Digital Photography School, and the lateral thinking of the camera owner; Andrew McDonald.

How To Get Your Camera Back by Andrew Rowse

End of a Bowling Season

27 05 2010

In the last 3 weeks I’ve finished bowling on two leagues.  One of which lasted 32 weeks, a very long time, the best part of a year.

Since we’d all become so accustomed to seeing each other (the team) on Thursdays I organised that we all catch up this evening for dinner at a local Sushi restaurant.  I think from this point onwards I’ll organise all dinners with friends at this restaurant. 

We all sat around the counter end of the Sushi train which allowed us all to see each other and converse easily, while all the delectable morsels trundled past us.  No ordering, no interruptions, just help yourself.

Perfect!  No arguments, bills split, all very relaxed and civilised.

Sushi Mojo, you’re awesome!  I’ll be back tomorrow for lunch with another friend. 🙂

All Fiddled Out!

26 05 2010

Mark and I have just arrived home from seeing Fiddler on the Roof at The Paramount Theatre.  I didn’t know what to expect, other than one of the main songs, “If I was a Rich Man”.

This was one of my Dad’s favourites.  He loved Topol who was the original lead in the show, but sadly pulled out before tonight.  Although, his replacement Harvey Fierstein was amazing

We had an enjoyable evening, dinner at a new restaurant; Tango, that we’ll go back to again, theatre, and now after a brisk uphill walk across Seattle I’m well and truly ready for bed.

Ni, ni!

Name That Colour?

25 05 2010

It’s no secret that I’ve been doing a lot of painting recently.  After being in our house for nearly two years I can finally stand the beige tones no longer and have decided to personalise the place.

Usually that’d be pretty simple, but being the caring sort that I am, I decided that this time around I’d let Mark be part of the creative process.  Let’s just go with saying it’s taken longer than it may have in the decision making process…

That being said, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I am kind of enjoying trying multiple sample colours before I commit to any one colour, and so far there have been a lot.

There’s no such thing as Yellow, White, Green, Pale Blue, everything has some form of marketable label.  I’m still undecided whether these names are more to capture your emotion and lure you into making a purchase or accurately describing the colour.  But you can decide for yourself as I’m going to share some of the colour names that have made it home with me as a sample pot.  Some of these have already been relegated to the “No chance in hell” collection due to their unsuitability, others have made it to the next round of decisions.  It’s like “Paint Idol” here.

But, in my defense, it’s been very educational watching how each particular paint colour changes with the different stages of light throughout the day.  So now rather than committing to a colour that looks good by day, and heinous by night, I’ll have some form of idea of what I’ll be left with.

Here goes, in no particular order,  the colour names…

Strawberry Daiquiri
Honey Butter
Honey Beige
Frosted Peach
Jack Frost
Lavender Vista
Plush Purple
Satin Weave
Wild Horse
Loves First Kiss
Chocolate Coco
Shell Coral
Golden Mushroom
Water Sprout
Creamy Orange

It’s hard to tell if they’re paints or what…

As for colours permanently (or at least for now) applied to the wall, or in a finished state.  My bedroom has the following:
Mettalic Copper
Popcorn Ball
Ultra Pure White

Now I need to get back to narrowing down my selections as I just don’t have enough walls to accomodate everything. 😉

Back to it!

24 05 2010

As with every Monday, today was Pilates day, the rest of the day went past pretty quickly and uneventfully and very, very restfully.

Tomorrow however will see me recommencing additional visits to the gym as I’m going to have my first day of cardio this year, since all the heart issues.

So hopefully everything will go well, and over time I can work my way back to full fitness.

Exciting!  Or it will be if I can motivate myself and then maintain said motivation. 😉

Happy Birthday Annie!

23 05 2010

My little girl turned 2 today, and fortunately because she’s an American cat, there’s no double birthday across timezones.  Phew!

I missed her birthday last year because I was home in Australia, this time we’re here.  She got a special treat for dinner, but has decided against eating it because most importantly, we gave her a new toy.

A little bird stuffed with catnip and a sensor that makes it tweet when she bats it with a paw.  I’m pretty sure it’ll drive me mad in a short time but right now she’s completely entranced with it enough to ignore her dinner.  If you knew her, you’d know that was a big thing.

So that’s it.  The weekend is rolling to a close, and our youngest is 2.


Something In My Eye

22 05 2010

I stared so long I think my eyes dried up. 😉

Still no inspiration, but in the last 24 hours we’ve seen the latest Shrek movie, which was excellent, and pretty much managed to erase the bad memories of the third installment of the Shrek franchise, and caught up with a friend for dinner.

All worthwhile! 🙂