Two More Sleeps

7 05 2010

There’s only two more sleeps left until I commence my tour of duty babysitting for the week.

I’m actually looking forward to it.  I have my schedule, list of addresses, contact numbers, letter of custody and keys to my temporary “Soccer Dad” Landrover.

It’s going to be a super busy week.  I’ve already planted the seeds of extortion, having told the 15 year old all about the latest xbox games that we have, and that I might bring them over.  That’s a big ol’ bargaining chip if there ever was one.

My Mum didn’t raise no fools… 😉



2 responses

7 05 2010

This will either “make you or break you” … but knowing you as I do, you’ll come out of this with flying colors, SuperNanny has nothing on SuperManny! 😉

9 05 2010

LOL! I have recently seen some Super Nanny episodes. I’ll call it research! 😉

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