The Force is Strong in this One

9 05 2010

As of almost two hours ago I commenced my “guardianship” of my friends Quentin and Lisa’s three children, and already I’ve been tested, and if I’m allowed to grade myself, I passed! 😉

Everyone’s chores have been completed, showers taken, teeth brushed, homework completed and signed off on, pets fed, pj’s put on, and one out of three is soundly tucked in bed, a second will be tucked away as soon as I’m done typing.

The first one to bed is the youngest, a cute little seven year old.  Cute, and feisty.  She’s an intelligent child, but my folks didn’t raise no fools either.

I remember when I was a kid that everytime I tried to sneak something past my parents they caught me.  They always knew my tricks, and always countered our indignant cries with “we were young once, we know the tricks too”.  They weren’t kidding.

As part of the first goodnight ritual, which included at least three trips through the kitchen, I watched young Sophia pick up her Nintendo video game.  She didn’t realise I’d seen though.  I let her go to bed, then wandered up to her room to check on her, and asked about it.  Cute little monkey grinned and told me “but I always sleep with it under my pillow”.  Well Sunshine, not on my watch you don’t.

She handed it over begrudgingly, and then followed up with, “but I like to have the game chip taken out at night.”

Now, I know for a fact that there are at least 3 more video game players in the house.  I may not know where they are, but I know they’re around somewhere.  Not to be a monster, I adhered to her need of “taking the chip out at night”.  I took it out myself, and took it with me.

Needless to say, there was a loud sigh before the bed covers were pulled up to her chin.

My parenting gene is strong.  Thanks Mum and Dad, you trained me well.

Now, I just have an eleven year old, and a fifteen year old to get to bed, and then off to school in the morning.

I’ll be hugging my knees and rocking in a corner sometime soon perhaps, but not before I succeed in my duties.  😉




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