We’re All Still Alive

11 05 2010

I must be doing something right.  The only potential disaster today was when the 6 month old kitten vanished, around the same time a certain 7 year old left the garage door open…

It took us all a good two hours to locate him, during which time, the same said seven year old managed to open the garage another two times, as well as the back door giving the other two cats the opportunity to escape.  During the day it’s not such a problem, but all three cats spend the night inside.  There are critters outside that eat them, and the last thing I want is for the cats to be eaten while I’m here.

All that aside, and potential disasters averted, all three children have been legends again today.  I cooked eggs for one for breakfast, sliced strawberries and bananas for the other two, got them all dressed, hair brushed and off to school with homework and library books.  Stocked the car with snacks and sports gear for the evening activities, cleaned the house and then went home to my own house to tidy up.  Oh, I stopped at the Orthodontist for me on the way.

Then the evening was so busy with activities that I had to get Mark to help as even as clever as I like to think I am sometimes, I simply cannot be in two places at once.  So he picked up one girl from swimming and dropped her at soccer, while I watched the other at Karate.

Then home, cooked dinner, which was a tasty roast chicken and vegetables, fed them, helped with homework, played a boardgame, got them all off to bed, cleaned up, put the laundry on, and here I am.


But, now that I’ve got all that out of the way, and have blogged, I can settle down and relax myself, for tomorrow, it all starts over again. 😉

I have to laugh, even I know I’ve got it pretty easy, it’s only a short term affair… 😉





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11 05 2010

See I told you , you would make a great Dad, xxx

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