Reminisce and Repeat

15 05 2010

Living in a different timezone to the one you grew up in can be fun sometimes.  You get to celebrate your birthday twice, same can be said for Christmas and New Year.

Not so much today though.  It may be Saturday 15th May here where I am, but back home in Australia it’s Sunday 16th May, the first anniversary of my Father’s passing.

As I type this, a memorial candle is burning on my counter, and I’ll light another one tomorrow for this timezone.

This time last year I was sitting next to his hospital bed as he drew his final breath.  Selfishly I wish he was still here both for myself and my family, primarily my Mum.  But, having seen how he suffered in his final days and hours, his passing could only have been a relief.

Either way, I miss him dearly.  We didn’t speak often, nor did we speak in depth, but that was our way.  Why use ten words when three would suffice.

So this is a sad anniversary.

Dad, you may not be here anymore physically but you’re here in our hearts and our minds, where you’re no longer in pain, and you’ll live forever.

I miss you so much.

Mum, I wish I was there to give you a big hug, Kate as well.





3 responses

15 05 2010

I wish you where here with me too but just knowing you are only a phone call away or a chat on the computer away helps! I couldnt have done it with out You & Kate, love you both so much xox

16 05 2010
Miss Kitty

Thinking of you on this sad anniversary. Sxoxoxo

16 05 2010

sorry for your loss.


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