Living in a Rainbow

19 05 2010

Over the past few months I’ve commenced the project of repainting the interior of our house.  Only one room has been completed so far, but we’re well and truly into the colour selection process for the remaining rooms.

That’s the fun part, or tedious, depends on your point of view.  I’m guessing Mark would say the latter.

I think so far we have close to 20 small pots of differing colours, some bright, some not, some contrasting, some calming, we’ve covered the gamut.

One in particular a fire orange red colour, was vetoed almost immediately that a sample patch was painted as it made me angry just to look at it.  That was just the sample, I don’t even want to imagine what a whole wall of it would have done.

So far I’ve narrowed it down to a few colours, and the process continues.   The ones  I don’t like get painted over with a different hue.  I suspect that by the time I get to the final colour that I’m going to need to sand the wall where I’ve been sample painting if only to take it down to a thickness matching the rest of the wall.

It is interesting watching how one colour changes drastically depending on the light that hits it, whether it be ambient, or direct sun from the skylights, or lights and lamps of an evening.  For instance, a bright pale blue during the day looks decidely green of an evening, so has therefore as I type this been scratched from the list.  Until just now it was teetering under a big imaginery question mark. 

Some time in the near future I’d like to hope it’ll all be finished and we’ll have well and truly made our mark on the house, our home.  The bedroom for now looks amazing, I just have to inspire myself to take on the rest of it.

One swatch at a time… 😉



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