Happy Birthday Annie!

23 05 2010

My little girl turned 2 today, and fortunately because she’s an American cat, there’s no double birthday across timezones.  Phew!

I missed her birthday last year because I was home in Australia, this time we’re here.  She got a special treat for dinner, but has decided against eating it because most importantly, we gave her a new toy.

A little bird stuffed with catnip and a sensor that makes it tweet when she bats it with a paw.  I’m pretty sure it’ll drive me mad in a short time but right now she’s completely entranced with it enough to ignore her dinner.  If you knew her, you’d know that was a big thing.

So that’s it.  The weekend is rolling to a close, and our youngest is 2.




One response

24 05 2010
Julia Finkelstein

Happy Birthday Annie! The decorating samples sound interesting! I am sure you will find the right colours!

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