Name That Colour?

25 05 2010

It’s no secret that I’ve been doing a lot of painting recently.  After being in our house for nearly two years I can finally stand the beige tones no longer and have decided to personalise the place.

Usually that’d be pretty simple, but being the caring sort that I am, I decided that this time around I’d let Mark be part of the creative process.  Let’s just go with saying it’s taken longer than it may have in the decision making process…

That being said, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I am kind of enjoying trying multiple sample colours before I commit to any one colour, and so far there have been a lot.

There’s no such thing as Yellow, White, Green, Pale Blue, everything has some form of marketable label.  I’m still undecided whether these names are more to capture your emotion and lure you into making a purchase or accurately describing the colour.  But you can decide for yourself as I’m going to share some of the colour names that have made it home with me as a sample pot.  Some of these have already been relegated to the “No chance in hell” collection due to their unsuitability, others have made it to the next round of decisions.  It’s like “Paint Idol” here.

But, in my defense, it’s been very educational watching how each particular paint colour changes with the different stages of light throughout the day.  So now rather than committing to a colour that looks good by day, and heinous by night, I’ll have some form of idea of what I’ll be left with.

Here goes, in no particular order,  the colour names…

Strawberry Daiquiri
Honey Butter
Honey Beige
Frosted Peach
Jack Frost
Lavender Vista
Plush Purple
Satin Weave
Wild Horse
Loves First Kiss
Chocolate Coco
Shell Coral
Golden Mushroom
Water Sprout
Creamy Orange

It’s hard to tell if they’re paints or what…

As for colours permanently (or at least for now) applied to the wall, or in a finished state.  My bedroom has the following:
Mettalic Copper
Popcorn Ball
Ultra Pure White

Now I need to get back to narrowing down my selections as I just don’t have enough walls to accomodate everything. 😉



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26 05 2010

pictures pictures pictures!

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