Free of the Cyber Shackles

2 06 2010

For several months I’ve been prisoner of a couple of applications on Facebook.  As a rule I usually avoid these things like the plague, but after being begged energetically (aka nagged) by my friend Lisa, I joined them to become her neighbour and help her reach a goal.

I was surprised, they were actually entertaining.  Enough so that I got trapped by them, returning on a daily basis to fulfil their requirements. 

Of course, being a competitve sort I made it my goal to beat everyone I was neighbour too.

It took a while, but I did it.  Only to burn out.  Which in hindsight wasn’t such a bad thing, as now I’ve removed them all, and where I was previously spending the best part of a day logging in and out of Facebook to check on my progress, now I’m lucky if I check in once a day.

It’s nice to have my life back, aside from blogging of course! 😉



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