Lawn and Order

4 06 2010

So, because I’ve been ill most of the year (viral congestive heart failure, that I’m slowly bouncing back from), I’ve not had the opportunity, nor the energy to mow the lawn since before Christmas.  That’s not normally a problem as it doesn’t grow during Winter.

But, it’s a long time since Winter, and we’ve had plenty of rain, so right now it’s almost hip height.  I’ve managed to keep the front lawn under control, so as far as outward appearances go, everything is in order.

Not so much the backyard.  The dogs think they’re in a jungle and have created their own paths through it, and we’ve had a wild bunny romping around chomping on it.  I just wish he’d bring a lot more of his friends, and save me the job of mowing it.

Of course, just as I got a third of it done, the blades on my mower “died”.  They’ve lasted pretty well to be honest, 7 years without being sharpened, and coming all the way from Australia after maintaining a third of an acre at our old house in Bacchus Marsh.   They’ve finally given up the ghost though, and I think it’s by sheer speed that they’ve been cutting any grass at all.
No more though, and sadly I can’t get replacement blades for my mower here in America, so will have to order them from Australia.

Such is my life…  Mower blades, and long grass.  Every moment is an exciting one. 😉

Happy Weekend to you all!