I Have a New Passion!

5 06 2010

I’m a Roller Derby Fanboy!

I first heard about Roller Derby quite some time ago, and always had an interest in going to see it, but it was just one of those things that never eventuates.

Recently I was reminded when I saw someone wearing a Roller Derby t-shirt (which I instantly wanted), so when I got home I looked up ticket information and discovered that there was only one last match for the 2010 Season, the Grudge Match final for the Rat City Roller Girls.

That was enough to inspire me to buy tickets.

Well, today was the match, and it was amazing, enough so that I was jealous that as a male I couldn’t be a part of it.

In my mind, there’s nothing more exhillerating than watching two women duke it out.  Curvy women, with derby appropriate names, skating at high speed trying to out race and knock each other over is almost like Porn! LOL!

I can only imagine that had my Dad still been alive, he’d have loved it.

Needless to say, I got myself a t-shirt and will be looking into Season Tickets for next year.  I’m a convert!

Now I have to watch the movie Whip It, a derby inspired film.  Can’t wait!

Oh, as for the Finals…   Grave Danger who had previously been undefeated, lost to Sprockit Wenches.

My favourite player was “Anja Heels”.  A big girl, who when I first saw her enter the rink, I never imagined for a minute that she’d either have the stamina to maintain the pace of the ability to compete.  I take back every thought, eat my words and apologise profusely.  In my mind she’ll forever be known as “Juggernaught”.  Not only was she as fast, if not faster than a lot of the other competitors, she was virtually unstoppable.  Let’s just say that if I was her opponent and saw her coming, I’d throw myself to the floor and just plain get the hell out of her way.  This lady means business!

Here’s a sample of the names that I remember off the top of my head:

Teams were, Grave Danger, Sprockit Wenches, Throttle Rockets, Derby Liberation Front (DLF).

Player names, Grim Chee, Muffstache, Anja Heels, Ann R Kissed, Sheeza Brickhouse, Reanimate-her, to name just a few.

I should have taken my camera.  Dammit!

Can’t wait till next season! 🙂