Spicy Life!

11 06 2010

If variety is the spice of life, the last seven days have definitely met the requirements.

First off, and I neglected to mention this last week when it happened, but for the identity of those involved, that’s probably not a bad thing, I received a text message last week frin a friend, asking for “Help”.  The details were scarce, and being human, I automatically wondered what possibly could have been wrong. 

Rather than waste time texting back, I phoned.

…and laughed!

It was a heterosexual male friend of mine, with an urgent request.  For me to iron his new shirt for a date that evening.

I did, and he now has a girlfriend.  I congratulated him and pointed out it was all in the ironing, and that it was a one time affair. 😉   I’m not silly enough to get myself trapped in doing all his “lucky ironing” for future encounters should this one be ultimately unsuccessful.

It gave me a giggle nonetheless.

Moving on…  The lawn is part mowed again, each time I mow it I get a little more done before the rain falls.  The problem is that between each “dry spell” enough time passes that I have to remow all my previous work.  Also, the grass is so long it’s choking the mower enough that I have to continually turn it off, and manually unclog it.  TEDIOUS!

All that aside, it’s Friday evening, and I’ve spent the entire day home, never once having left the house as I’ve been Spring Cleaning.  The house is nice and clean, I’m exhausted, and all finished in time for my friends to arrive tomorrow (they’re from Melbourne).

A glass of something cold and alcoholic would be perfect right now, alas, it’ll be non-alcoholic as per doctors orders.   Far be it from me to misbehave… 😉

Happy Weekend to you All!