Seattle in a Split Second

13 06 2010

My friends Jamie and David are in town for their first ever visit to Seattle, but, they’re only here for one full day, and 2 nights.

So you can imagine that we’ve been pretty busy trying to give them the condensed, high speed tour of the area, while catching up.

I have to say, I think we’ve done a great job, but we’re all functioning on minimum sleep and are exhausted.

We’ve covered the Space Needle, Pikes Place Market, the first Starbucks, a scenic lookout of Seattle, a drive through tour of Microsoft, and the area we live.  A full tour of our gym (it’s huge enough to warrant a tour), the Pacific North West Pinball and Video Game Expo, a nightclub, and I’m pretty sure off the top of my head that I’ve left a whole lot out.

Old friends and new experiences are so much fun!! 🙂



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