Viva Las Vegas!

15 06 2010

Last minute plans have me typing this entry from Las Vegas.

How exciting!

But, it gets better.  Aside from it being Vegas, and the weather being amazing, we got upgraded to a Penthouse Suite on the 62nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, photos of which will be available soon.

I was only here in April, but I’d also just been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure so was not in a state condusive to enjoying myself.

This time however, I’m a lot healthier, so have every intention of seeing all the things I missed last time, and taking as much advantage of the sun and pool as I did last time, if not more so.

But, it gets better.  My friends Jamie and David are here, and we’re all going to see Cher tomorrow evening.  On top of that my friend and sometimes Physical Therapist Cheryl arrives tomorrow for her birthday (complete coincidence) and we’re gonig to catch up, and I found out mere moments ago that another friend, Eric and his partner are here also,   Sadly they leave early in the morning so we won’t get to catch up with them.
The world is smaller than I realised.

Alrighty, it’s late, I’m tired, and tomorrow is going to be a HUGE day!

Greetings from Sin City! 🙂



One response

16 06 2010

OMG – just remember … What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas 😉 … and just remember when you are watching Cher that we owe her a gratitude of thanks for her pioneering efforts in keeping us all young and beautiful 😉 Have a great time!

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