Sunny and Cher

16 06 2010

What more could I possibly need?

The day started with a tram and walk along the Strip to meet Jamie and David for brunch at the Bellagio, after which we walked to the end of the Strip checking out the sights along the way.

Let me tell you, it’s a very long walk!

After all that it was a monorail ride and tram back to the our hotel, some more sun and a swim, then off to see Cher at Caesar’s Palace.

To say Cher is amazing would be a complete understatement, but she really was.  We’ve seen her before at her farewell tour when she was in Melbourne, Australia, and nearly a decade on, she’s still awesome.

Older, but awesome. 😉

That was more than enough for this little black duck for one day, so it’s off to bed.  Nighty night!