Ye Olde Vegas

17 06 2010

Today has been another MASSIVE day in Las Vegas starting with brunch with Jamie and David, a trip to the Premium Outlet Malls, an afternoon nap (I was VERY excited about this!!!), then off to Fremont Street to see the original Las Vegas Strip.

What an amazing place.  The entire area over the street has been converted into a large television covering side to side and end to end, which every hour on the hour has a light and music display.  Not only that, there are also two band stages for live entertainment.

I actually think this was my favourite part of the visit.

We had dinner at the Las Vegas Rocks Cafe where we met the Chef and co-owner, the sassy Josette, and were entertained by our busty and humorously sarcastic waitresses.  The wait for the food was kind of ENORMOUS, but we certainly weren’t bored.

From there we caught a cab back to the main strip, said our farewells to Jamie and David as they fly back to Australia in the morning.   Hopefully we’ll see them at the airport, if not, we did the big hug fest, and promised/threatened to see them in September when we’re back in Australia.

The night wasn’t over for us though.  We then headed off to the Nine Fine Young Irishmen bar at New York New York to meet our friend Cheryl who just happened to be in Las Vegas also for her 30th birthday.

Let’s just say it was a late night.  Soda water for me of course! 🙂

Oh, the night still didn’t end there.  Mark and I had credits for free drinks at our hotel, so we hit the bar on the way back to our room.
Gin and Tonic for Mark, and non-alcoholic beer for me!  Tres chic! LOL!

Ok, bed time beckons, and loudly!  G’night!