Cutting It Fine

20 06 2010

I got a little sidetracked this evening so this post is coming in a little late.

After spending all of yesterday resting, I’m back at my friends Lisa and Quentins house babysitting their children.

As I type this they’re all tucked away in their beds sleeping soundly, while I on the otherhand am wide awake.

That’ll teach me to drink coffee of an evening.  I usually avoid caffeine like the plague, but tonight forgot to ask for decaf when I placed my order.
Oops!  Now I’m wide awake.  At least I’m channeling it into being productive.  I’ve finally transferred over 1000 photos to my laptop and am busily sorting them to upload to Flickr.  So hopefully there’ll be new pics on display soon.
That is, if the caffeine holds out. 😉