Not So Dignified

23 06 2010

Today was my first day back at Pilates after a week and a half off, and while it started out well, it ended badly.

With all the activities of the last week and a bit, tours of Seattle, hitting Las Vegas and babysitting overnight, I’m functioning on a pretty severe lack of sleep.
Apparently that, and blood pressure pills really don’t mix.

With only 10 minutes left of Pilates I suddenly felt dizzy.  Dizzy enough that I needed to lie down.  Which I did for a few minutes, then I sat up, and then laid down again very quickly and elected to stay there for a while.

Good choice, because that’s when the nausea hit.   I could feel the sweat running off me, and according to Derik my friend and instructor, I was whiter than my towel, and my lips were just as pale.  I certainly was not feeling great, something that was proven by the fact I ended up puking into a trash can.

As always, after a good puke, I felt better.  A lot lighter too, especially with all that dignity now gone.  While this was going on another trainer and acquaintance Carl took my blood pressure (they were a little panicked, understandably since I’ve been recuperating from Viral Congestive Heart Failure), he wasn’t reassured any when my blood pressure, which is usually around 120/80, had plummeted to 86/55.  Oopsy!
It soon bounced back, and I’ve been much better since.  But, I’ve definitely been taking it a lot easier, and spent the day on the couch.

I got the message.  My body has spoken.  Rest, recover, don’t over do it, AND I promise, I’m listening.

I canceled all social engagements for the afternoon and evening, and haven’t left the house. Next step from here.  Bed.