Mr Fixit!

4 07 2010

It’s Sunday here and it’s also Independence Day and the fireworks are already going off and it’s not even 4pm yet.  Which is quite tedious, as we live in a firework free area, and they freak our dogs out, which usually means we have to stay home to look after them rather than seeing the display. 

Although, that may not be an issue this evening as it looks like the skies are about to fall out and drown us.  This got me moving.  I’ve recently had two quotes on having the gutters replaced on our home as they’re old, always clogging and currently half off the house.  Let’s just say that the impending rain, and the exhorbitant pricing saw me up on a ladder this afternoon fixing them.  They still need replacing eventually, but now they’re unclogged and firmly attached to the house.

The joys of being a home owner…  Relax time! 🙂




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