Doin’ it with Disney!

6 07 2010

Well, the paint colour selection process continues, and has been an ongoing process for quite a few weeks now, but, I believe I am getting closer.  In fact, I think I’ve finalised at least one colour for the living room.

As it is, I’ve decided to move away from the more muted colours that I was initially drawn to, in favour of more saturated colours, in jewel tones.  These were only available in the Disney range of colours at the hardware store.  Not that I mind, and in fact some may even laugh and call it appropriate, they’d be being rude, admittedly it’d also be funny though. 😉

Current colour options:

Enchanted Coach Ride
Ariels Song
Mermaid Water Dance

With possibly a hint of: Loves First Kiss…

A veritable, proud rainbow… 😉



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