9 07 2010

Tonight while waiting for Despicable Me to start which we were seeing in 3D, we were witness to one of Sony’s new commercials.
In the commercial they mention all their new 3D products, during which, and I quote, we heard: “we’re perfecting 3D sports”.

Here’s a thought.  If you want 3D sports, get off your ass, turn off your TV and go play them.

3D is fun, and it’s currently all the rage, but that’s just dumb!

As for the movie, it was amazing.  You have to see it, preferably in 3D.

I was asked this evening by a friend what it was about, to which I replied:
It’s about 90 minutes long! 😉
AND you must see it in 3D!!
New WB animation with evildoers, minions, shrink rays and little girls and FLUFFY unicorns… 😉  Can’t wait to see it again.

I stand by that reply.  It’s amazing, both for children and adults! 🙂




2 responses

10 07 2010

But some of us can’t see in 3D (e.g. I have little/no binocular vision/depth perception), and for others 3D makes them ill. I can’t even see IMAX movies as I get motion sick! Agree about the ‘get off your butt’ thing, tho!

11 07 2010

The movie will still be awesome in 2D, but there are a few scenes that are definitely enhanced by the additional dimention.

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