Restoring a Semblance of Order

11 07 2010

Today was yet another social one, brunch with friends again, this time at my friends cafe; Skylark Cafe in Seattle.

Breakfast was pretty amazing, a Virgin Mary which was one of the best mixes I’ve ever had and roast pineapple and macadamia pancakes and eggs.  Yum!

There was enough food that we skipped lunch today.  But to make sure that I burnt it off, after a short rest I headed out into the sun to mow the front lawn and weed the gardens.  I didn’t quite get them all finished but an hour tomorrow should get it all finished.

Now I don’t have to shudder when I see the neighbours manicured yards and my overrun one.

So much to do.  Next project is (on top of interior painting and tearing up more carpet) to fix some weatherboard, clean and sand the entire house and repaint it.  More paint selections!!!

It never ends.  It’s going to take a while but it should keep me out of mischief.




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