Random Thought

16 07 2010

It’s not really clean, unless it smells of bleach.

That’s my theory, primarily when it comes to bathrooms and toilets.  Perhaps I’m just mad, but I’ve always cleaned these areas with bleach.  It kills germs, mould, and the strong chemical smell is strangely reassuring in that I know that the area has been cleaned.  That, or there’s been a chemical spill… 😉

Also, and here’s a confession.  Many years ago I shared house with someone who, let’s just say, was not an optimal room mate.  But, they did pay their share of the rent on time, which is the only reason I tolerated them.  But, and here’s the bit where I come clean (pun intended).  As I used to work early in the morning, I would often be in the shower around 4am.  At which point, after I finished, I’d lean back into the shower cubicle and thoroughly spray it down with bleach based shower cleaner and then leave it.  Nothing was ever said, but it did give me some gratification imagining the cloud of bleach fumes the next time the shower was turned on and the hot water hit it.

Death by bleach?  At least you’d go clean…

How’s that for a random post?




One response

17 07 2010

I agree … bleach, White King, Clorox, whatever you call it is the best cleaner. My teeth have never been whiter 😉 he he he

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