Drugs, Glow Sticks and Doof Doof

17 07 2010

Firstly, this posting is 2 days late, it’s taken me that long to bounce back from the activities on Saturday, which brings me to my original post title: You know you’re old when…

Moving on.  I finally went to my very first dance party/rave; USC.13.

I’m not a huge fan of techno music, otherwise known as Doof Doof to some because of the noise it makes with it’s bass.  But, Mark is a fan, and one of his favourite DJ’s; BT was performing so he wanted to go.  Not so much me, I was quite happy being a dance party virgin, but sometimes you just make a sacrifice… 😉

 Now, I have to confess I’ve never had an issue with my age, and am often surprised when I remember I’m not 15 anymore and should probably behave more like an adult, but attending a dance party at the age of 37 is VERY sobering.

I commented to Mark several times that I was feeling old, and I had reasons for it, and I’ll share a couple of these with you…

Having spotted a young girl wearing what appeared to be nothing more than a belt with a strip of lace as a skirt, I remarked; “If she was my daughter, she’d not have been allowed to leave the house”.

Oh, and speaking of daughter or children in general, realising that I was potentially old enough to be the father of some of them made me laugh.  The event was marketed towards people 16 years and up.

There was also the time that the half empty dance floor was flooded with people when a sample from Eurythmics was played.  They all thought it was new!!  Whereas I was in high school when it was released! 😉

Then of course Mark commented on all the half naked bodies and how none of them seemed to have any body hair, to which I told him that it was because none of them had been through Puberty yet.

The whole situation was pretty educational.  Mark got offered drugs on one trip to the bathroom, whereas I apparently look old and scary, as when I entered several “children” panicked and hid theirs.  The irony that they were sitting on the baby change table when I saw them didn’t escape me.

I can honestly say I’ve never seen so many glowsticks in my life.  Glow sticks and neon flashing lights.  All of which were very impressive, but honestly not being on drugs or drinking anything harder than Coke, I’m sure I didn’t quite “enjoy” them as much as some people did.

Overall though, it was interesting, not completely awful, but after we finally made it home around 2.30am and into bed (at which point it occurred to me that back in the day I’d have been out until 4am at least when I used to go out clubbing) my ears were ringing from the sheer volume of the music for several hours.

I can’t say I’ll be rushing back any time soon but it was an experience. 😉



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21 07 2010
Miss Kitty


22 07 2010

LOL! I used to haunt Perth’s nightclubs back when I was 18 through to about 21. Then I stopped – you know, life, work, first house purchase… When I was in my early 30s some friends suggested we kick on to a nightclub after dinner. Boy, was that a shock! Like you, I felt ANCIENT. I’ve never been back and never will. Some things you just grow out of and never want to repeat.

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