Red Cards and Red Faces

18 07 2010

Again, this posting is late, but only a day late.  The weekend was a whirlwind and I just couldn’t face logging on to the computer.  These days any updates have been on Facebook via Twitter from my phone while I’m out and about.  Much quicker, when I remember that is. 😉

After only a few hours sleep from the previous nights dance party, we were up relatively early to head into Seattle with my friends Brad and Jeff to see my first ever Seattle Sounders game.  Soccer.  I’ve seen many matches before but until today, never a professional one.  As has now become my habit I had to buy some merchandise at the ground, as did Mark.  We both got a team coloured scarf each, and I got myself a hooded windcheater, because sadly, I’d “accidently” not brought a jacket, and it was cooler than expected… 😉

Our tickets were courtesy of one of Mark’s co-workers who has season tickets to the Sounders games and couldn’t attend, so thanks to his generosity (Thanks Josh!) we got to sit right by the goals and enjoy the game.   A game that 29 minutes in, saw the Sounders goalkeeper sent from the ground with a red card for tripping.  Oopsy!

Sadly they lost, 1-2 the Glasgow Celtics.  I have to confess my loyalties were split between both teams anyway as I’ve been to Glasgow and have friends that live there, and Seattle, because I live there.  So I guess it was win-win.

After the game we drove to the other side of Seattle to attend Bite of Seattle, a food festival at the Seattle Centre.  Dozens apon dozens of food vans offering a taste of the many restaurants from around Seattle, all of it outdoors, in what was a beautiful weather day as it seems Summer has finally arrived.  There was enough sun that I managed to get quite burnt without even realising it.  Not happy about that, so my face is feeling quite warm and tight at the moment, and is very red across the nose and cheeks.  Positively glowing!!

All in all, the weekend was amazing good fun, spent with great friends, and non-stop.  I can’t wait to crawl into bed and catch up on some much yearned for sleep.

Hope you all had amazing weekends!



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