Cheaper by the Dozen

21 07 2010

I’m almost at the point where the staff at the local hardware store that man the paint department know me on a first name basis. Bad? I’m undecided, but it’d be nice if they gave me discount for my loyalty, or even better hired me, as I’m becoming quite knowledgeable about their range…

That aside, and based on yesterdays indecisiveness, I hit the sample racks again today and picked up twelve more, that’s right, twelve more, paint samples. These are a far cry from the brighter colours that we’ve had, and are more intense and saturated in colour, being in the rich olives, chocolates, coffees and cranberries, with some gold tones, let’s see how this lot works out.

It has to end soon, and I’m already dreading the day we decide to change colours again. It’s all starting to become clear in my head why I’ve always wanted to live in an all white, white on white house. 😉
But practicality on my part for living with Mark, and four pets means I’ll never have white anything.

There won’t be any sample painting this evening though, as I’ve not long finished spending an hour in the garden, and am too tired to lift my arms for much more beyond typing this blog posting.

Hooroo for now!




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