Ain’t I Pretty?

23 07 2010

Today was a relatively uneventful day, the only excitement being a trip to the Orthodontist. As masochistic as it may sound, I enjoy these visits. Not only are my teeth being slowly put into their new and prettier positions in readiness for future surgery, but my Orthodontist, and his staff are AMAZING!

Every visit is laughter filled, even when I’m in what could be referred to as a less than dignified pose. For my part, dignity or not (and I tend to not have too much dignity… I try, but our dalliances are so fleeting.) I can’t help but laugh at my appearance during certain procedures.

On this visit, an adjustment, I’d just had my wires removed from my braces when it was identified that one of the brackets had come off a porcelain crown. This is pretty common as porcelain doesn’t have optimum adhesion for the orthodontal fixatives, and this is the fourth time this one particular bracket has come off.

To fix it, the tooth has to be etched, to make the surface less smooth, before the bracket is reattached. The etching solution is corrosive, so your lips have to be manually retracted to avoid injury. It’s a very glamorous look. So glamorous in fact that on the last two occasions this has occurred, I’ve had a photo taken. The most recent one is now my profile photo on Facebook. Share the joy I say!

See for yourself…

As a side note, it didn’t escape me that my photo is reminiscent of a Japanese character, a Domo Kun… 😉



2 responses

29 07 2010

Also looks like a wide-mouthed frog! 😉

30 07 2010


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