A Cool Saturday

24 07 2010

The weather of late has been nice and Summery, which is a far cry from a few weeks ago. The only problem with that is our house heats up like an oven and stays that way, so it’s generally not a pleasant place to be, especially as we have no air conditioning. We have fans but they’re only moving the hot air around.

But, no stress here. We’re house and pet minding for some friends while they’re away, and they have air conditioning, and a home theatre, and three very affectionate cats who are just itching to have extended periods of attention while their family is away.

Problem solved. We hired some DVD’s and spent the afternoon and evening in the cool, sipping cool drinks and cuddling with kitties.
Our own pets at home enjoying the warmth and snoozing inside (the cats) and the dogs lounging outside in the shade while periodically swimming in their paddling pool. It’s a hard life.

All up, everyone wins. 🙂




2 responses

29 07 2010

Of course you have fans! 😉 In fact, you have global fans — in Australia and the US at least!

30 07 2010

That really IS cool! 😉

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