Cutting it Close

25 07 2010

Today has been another hot Summers day, it’s not quite sweltering but the house isn’t all that cool, so we picked up where we left off last night watching DVD’s in air conditioned comfort while entertaining the Miller kitties. A much more comfortable way of beating the heat.

We’re home now though, fans running, windows open, the house is slowly cooling down a little, but it’s still pretty warm.
Too warm in my mind. Warm enough that I decided on the spur of the moment that I needed a hair cut and reached for the clippers.

Thirty minutes and a whole lot of buzzing later, my head is a whole bunch cooler, and I feel several kilograms lighter, apparently my hair was longer than I realised. Not any more, and I can actually feel the breeze from the fan on my scalp. Love it!

We really do need to investigate proper cooling for the house, but I don’t believe that will make the top of the To Do list until next year.



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