Painting a 200 Step Process

26 07 2010

That’s how it feels anyway…

On the upside, two colours choices have graduated from 8oz sample flat to 1 Quart Satin, which means progress! At last!
So here’s crossing everything that can be crossed without incurring pain.
Of course the process again won’t start for a while as it’s far too hot inside the house by day, and not much cooler by night. The paint dries on the brush before it hits the wall…

In other news… That’s it, my life right now really is that boring! 😉




2 responses

29 07 2010

I must be tired… I read that as Qantas Stain! Now, there’s a colour for you! 😉

30 07 2010

Once you planted the idea in my mind, that’s how it read for me as well… hehe.

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