Projects That Beget Projects

27 07 2010

Apparently we bought into the Money Pit rather than a home. It seems everywhere I look there’s something else that needs fixing or updating.

The whole painting saga has been going on for months, but fortunately is coming to a close. Paint still needs to be applied, but at least the ever ongoing process of picking a colour is coming to a close, and happily with colours and their names that sound a little less Disney than previous options.

The current and hopefully final crop are:

Tibetan Orange
Pyramid Gold
Ultra White

Nice, warm and earthy.

As for the other projects, the kitchen is being painted also, and since a few of the tiles from the border (applied by the previous owners) are falling off, I’ve decided to help them, and replace them with something a little more appropriate and modern, and to install a splash back for the stove instead of leaving it painted drywall.

All of this, and the outside of the house needs painting too. For that, I’m getting a quote, as I think it’s a little outside my abilities, primarily as there’s some repairs to be done.

Now seriously would be a great time to plant a money tree…



2 responses

28 07 2010

With your LUCK It will get dry rot ,

28 07 2010

You gotta teach those squirrels in your yard some tricks then take them on the road! That’ll earn ya some dosh. 😛

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