Progress at Last

28 07 2010

After several months (all year so far actually…) I finally had the energy, and motivation to attack the back lawns.

They’ve not been mown since before Christmas, which initially wasn’t a problem as it doesn’t grow over Winter or in the cooler months. Unfortunately when it did start growing madly I was too ill to mow it.

Fortunately, I’m getting better in leaps and bounds. That being said, the grass was far too long for either my mower, or the one a friend loaned me. So it’s gone unaddressed for even longer.

Until it finally occurred to me last week that perhaps I could hack it all down to a manageable height with the Whipper Snipper / Weed Whacker. In practice and with a whole lot of hardwork and sweat, this method works. After almost 7 accumulated hours I’ve completed 75% and if the weather stays good for tomorrow I’ll hopefully finish it all tomorrow. Then it’ll be time for the next project… 😉

I must say though, the yard looks so much better already, and a lot bigger. The dogs can also run around and actually see where they’re going. 😉



One response

29 07 2010

good to hear your a lot fitter Now you can help me when you return home HA!

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