Six Cat Weekend!

31 07 2010

It’s been a mad weekend so far, today has been kind of quiet, nothing much happening other than a few errands around the place, the madness comes in the form of six furry little critters, plus an additional two dogs that we’re proxy parents too at the moment.

Aside from our own two cat, and two dog menagerie, we’re house and pet sitting for 2 other families. One is a one cat household, and the other a three cat household. Thank the lords for antihistamines!

All the furries are healthy, happy, fed, petted, cuddled, kissed and tucked in for the evening. Now I have the fun task of de-furring myself as each and everyone of the little critters is moulting.

“Shear” insanity!



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2 08 2010
Miss Kitty


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