Piracy on the Wenatchee River!

7 08 2010

For the second time in my life I went White Water rafting today, and while there was more floating than white water rafting due to the slow speed of the river (it’s the end of the season), it was still great fun.

As the river was calmer than normal there was time for more fun such as water fights, and I’ve never in my life seen so much airborne water. I’m sure that at least one stage there was more water above the river than there actually was in it.

Each raft has two buckets in them, but by the end of the trip ours had seven. That’s where the Piracy enters…

It turns out that there’s a term “dry boat” on the river for people that are cold or not interested in partaking in water fights. Which to me seems strange, why white water raft if you don’t want to get wet…
No matter. I decided that since there were rafts with buckets not being utilised to invoke a new rule.

If you want to remain a “Dry Boat” give us your buckets!

It worked, fortunately for us, as one of our water throwers kept forgetting to maintain a hold on the bucket when he threw the water, so on at least two occasions someone had a bucket thrown at them along with the water contained.

All good fun. Oh, and I took at least one dunk in the river, but it was voluntary. I promise. At one point on the river it was very calm and our guide told us if we wanted to get in, now was our chance.
In my mind I had the following conversation:
Will I? Nar…
Will I? Nar…
Will I? Stuff it!
Then I threw myself backwards off the raft without any warning. Lucky for me I bought a strap for my sunglasses the previous day or they’d be somewhere lost on the Wenatchee River.

Three hours on the river, followed by three hours on the road to get home and as tired as I am I’m wide awake.

Sleep gods please answer my call!