A New Look

13 08 2010

Over the last few months I’ve been losing my enthusiasm for blogging, but have endured. In an effort to reenergise myself, and for an overhaul, I decided overnight to revamp the overall look and feel of it.

So what you see is the new version. Which I think is a lot more energetic and vibrant.

In other news, and speaking of new looks. The last company quoted on our upcoming house painting project today. So if all goes to plan, work will start in a couple of weeks.

We’ve not finalised a decision on which company to use yet, but given that two companies don’t have their own carpenters for repairs, and one of these was late with their proposal, and the other’s sub-contracted carpenter didn’t show up as arranged this afternoon, I do believe the decision is going to be an easy one.

For us it means we’re going to have a busy weekend ahead. There’s power washing to be done, a wood box to be moved (we don’t use it, it came with the house). With the current weather (melting hot) working with water is going to be an enjoyable change!

Happy Friday the 13th and Happy Weekend to you!



One response

14 08 2010

Im lovin the overhaul on the site, but you still need to put up more pics…..xxx

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