Friend and Furry Reunions

15 08 2010

Today’s been another scorcher, and it’s been a battle to maintain a comfortable temperature outside of being in the car with the air-conditioner blasting.

But, it’s also the day that we picked up our friends at the airport after their being away for almost two months. It was great to see them again, but no reunion was more joyous than that of their pets who were almost deliriously happy.

All three cats were rolling around, purring madly, and head butting for kisses. Too cute!
Once they were all installed safely in their home again, we hightailed it back to ours, once again to open all the doors and windows and try and cool the house down and plant our own pets in front of the fans.
I love the heat but it’s so hard on the pets.
Bring on the change of seasons! I’m no longer acclimatised to the heat!



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