Technological Tedium

20 08 2010

Mark recently won a new mobile phone, a Samsung Galaxy which he gifted to me. How lucky am I?
Anyway, today is the second day I’ve spent trying to get it to work in a manner worthy of it being a replacement to my old phone which was my “connection to the world”.
Until I get my email, contacts and calendar all sorted and synchronised on the new phone I’m keeping the old one close.
The upside of all the stuffing around has meant that I’ve also been forced to start working on my old laptop which is in dire need of some maintenance. Maintenance that I’ve been putting off for months.
Currently my bench is covered with electronics. Two mobile phones, 2 Laptops and a netbook, all in the name of my staying “connected” to the world.
Shameful! 😉
Which reminds me, next on the list is to work out how to use the Zune I got for my birthday…