Death Swatch!

21 08 2010

Just when I thought I was finally finished with talking about exterior paint, and you were hoping you’d finished reading about it, we re-entered the world of paint samples today.
Despite having selected a “final” colour for the exterior of our house, we’re back in the market for a new colour. This time not due to indecision but more so because the painters use a different brand of paint, and while they can colour match our selection, there’s no guarantee in the future should we need more paint that future batches would be the same colour.
Back to the drawing board for us. Right now there are four new colours on the outside wall awaiting daylight for evaluation.
Final decision pending for the morning, and then I hope to the GODS I don’t have to deal with exterior paints again for a while. It’s going to be the death of me!
Otherwise, it’s been a relatively productive start to the weekend.
Happy Weekend to you all!