BBQ’s, Corsets, Heels, Hair and Tapas

28 08 2010

I really do have the most unique combinations in my weekends.

After a sleepuni and a slow start to the day we headed out to Carnation for an End of Summer BBQ at a friends house, from there it was off to West Seattle to play dressup with Dolly.

Dolly, also known as Dolly Madison is my friend Derik’s alter ego. You see he performs every so often in drag.
This weekend he’s entered in a pageant. That’s right, a pageant, to become Miss Neighbours, 2010-2011.
He’s asked me to assist him in his costume changes. So over the last two weekends I’ve had to learn how to lace and tie corsets, hook up bras and place inserts (breasts), and all manner of “assembling” that until recently I was a novice at. Although, to be honest I’m not unskilled in removing a bra. Putting one back on though is a different story! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tomorrow is the big night, and it’s looking like being of epic proportions. They say it takes a village. Well Ms Dolly has an entourage worthy of a village.

“Education” over, we went out for Tapas for dinner. In my opinion, there’s just nothing better than lots of small plates of different foods. ๐Ÿ™‚

Time for bed now, tomorrow is going to be even more unique than today, and a whole bunch busier!