Monday… Are we there yet?

30 08 2010

It was an extremely late night last night, by the time I finally turned the last light off it was almost 3.30am, and I was woken at 6.40am by Annie my cat, as she decided I’d had more than enough sleep and it was time for her to be petted and fed.

She’s very insistent when she wants something, and it’s a favourite trick of hers to head butt you right in the face, or drag her whiskers across your nose while purring at a level akin to what you’d expect if you tried to sleep under a jet engine.

So let’s just go with my saying I was very slow to start today, although I managed to drag myself into Pilates at midday, to come home and promptly drop off to sleep for 10 minutes before going out to have lunch with Derik to recap the evenings festivities.

During all of this, the painters were back scraping and preparing the house for a painted face lift later in the week.

What a day, and here it is after 11pm and I’m still awake…

I’m sleeping in tomorrow if I have to kill someone or something to do it! 😉



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