G’day World, I’m Home!

14 09 2010

We touched down this morning around 8am after our flight from Los Angeles. The flight itself was amazing, and touchdown, we never felt, the people we were travelling with… ANIMALS!

Economy is definitely called “Cattle Class” for a reason.

Moving on… We got through Customs and Immigration without event, not that there should be of course…

Mark’s Mum met us at the airport where we grabbed our first real coffee in over a year, and drove back to her house where we’ll be staying. The Melbourne skyline has changed quite a bit since I was here last, which was only 15 months ago!!!

The day itself was a blur of activity, and potentially blurred all the more for the fact that both of us have had absolutely minimal sleep in the last couple of days.
But, we’ve seen both of Mark’s sisters, his Mum of course, one of the nieces, Peter my father-inlaw, my Mum, sister Kate, brother-inlaw Trevor, my nephew Jack and met my new nephew Lindsay. What a handsome little man he is. Dark hair, blue eyes, and cute as a button.

It’s amazing to be home, but I have to confess I’m exhausted. Thankfully I’d already decided not to drive today and we’ve caught the train, so there’s been no chance of accident, other than being murdered by one of our fellow passengers – lol.

Off to bed now, I’m knackered!



3 responses

15 09 2010

Welcome home to such wonderful weather … hope it improves for you. I know you must be tired … the train? Puhlease! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Speak soon!

16 09 2010

So, no First, Business or even Prem Economy class this time then? Were you on the A380?

Oh, and welcome home! ๐Ÿ˜‰

16 09 2010

Nope, no special treatment this time… I’m all out of points.
Yes, we were on the A380, I’d much prefer a 747 to be truthful.
Thanks for the welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

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