Still Lagging

16 09 2010

Today was a much quieter day for us. A sleep in, leisurely lunch out in Elsternwick, post off our Visa applications, then head out to check out the Costco Warehouse at the Docklands to compare it to what we’re used to back in the U.S.A.

Overall, it’s much the same. Alcohol is definitely cheaper back in the U.S.A. but otherwise most things are comparative. Some items are even cheaper, especially the Australian products such as Maltesers and Milo.

I do believe we’ll be stocking our cases before we fly home. 😉

Then we grabbed coffee with a friend, another coffee at Mark’s brothers house, then home to his Mother’s house.

Mark has headed out for the evening to play the role of “Good Uncle” and see his nephew perform in a school concert. Since there was only one ticket available, I’ve made the supreme sacrifice of staying home.

Perfect! I’m all showered and in bed, and it’s going to be an early night for me as I’m still stuck between the time zones…



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