Back To My Roots

22 09 2010

Well it’s a lovely grey, Wednesday here, and we’ve had a sleep in, I’m still coughing up a storm, and we’ve decided to spend the night at my Mum’s house, so it’ll be open fire, hot drink and DVD’s.

Nothing to report here today, other than I am looking forward to spending the first night in my childhood bedroom in a very long time. Last time I slept in there I was living with my parents. The day after I moved out my Dad turned it into a study.
In fact I think that happened as I was reversing my car down the driveway – lol.



One response

24 09 2010

HA! you dad was measuring up the room as you where packing the car, he sure show how much he was going to miss you , [ we both miss you over the years] but your room sure did make a good study, If you love somethink set it free if it returns it was ment to be , Welcome home Craig xxxxx

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