Happy Halloween!

31 10 2010

Two-faced Pumpkin 1It’s been another great day today.  We hit the stores in search of Halloween bargains as virtually everything is 50% off today, and we came home with some pumpkin carving kits, and pumpkin accessories for pumpkin carving in the afternoon, a fog machine, fog juice and a strobe light for the trick or treater’s.

Little did we know…

The afternoon we spent with friends carving pumpkins, although I did cheat with my first one by using accessories more akin to a Two-faced Pumpkin 2Mr Potatohead toy.  I simply pushed the features into the pumpkin and claimed I was finished. Winking smile

I did however carve another pumpkin properly later in the evening.  This one was Franken-pumpkin, complete with bolts in it’s non-neck.

Fun!  Check the pics for yourself.

Carving finished for the evening, we drove back to another friends house for drinks and nibbles.  By the time we finally made it home we’d completely missed Halloween, so for the second year in a row the candy we have will go back in the cupboard, unless I give it away, or make Mark take it to work, and the fog machine has gone unused.

Franken-pumpkin 2010Guess I’ll have to have some form of party where I can use it later in the year.

Perhaps a foggy Christmas… Winking smile

All Brunched Out

30 10 2010

Today has certainly been one of the laziest days we’ve had since we’ve been back from Australia.

This morning we caught up with our friends John and Arne for brunch at a cafe not far from here, then they took us to see their new house.  They recently moved from a town called Duvall to Redmond, not far from where we live.  We’re almost neighbours now.

After that, we headed home, curled up on the couch and did absolutely nothing.  Not a single thing, other than watching television and relaxing with the pets.

We were supposed to go out tonight, but have opted not to in favour of saving some money and continuing our efforts of the day.  Nothing.

Our first Saturday night at home since we got back.  Smile

Tread Gently I’m Feeling Fragile

24 10 2010

My head doesn’t hurt, but I’m feeling a little fragile today.  Last night was HUGE!

I drank more last night than I have in a very long time, so today is going to be all about re-hydrating and recovering.

It’s true, the older you get the more difficult bouncing back is.  But, I have to admit the evening was well worth it.  I’m sure that I had more lipstick on me last night that I did the previous week when I was actually in a dress for the Red Dress Party! Winking smile

Costume Chaos

22 10 2010

Just when I thought I was done dressing up, we have another party to go to tomorrow, this time it’s a friends birthday and while it’s a costume party, it doesn’t have a theme, other than wear a costume.

So we’ve spent a couple of hours this evening driving around checking out the Halloween stores looking for something suitable.  So far I’ve not had any luck finding anything I like.  Mark however was successful and now has a costume.

Looks like I’ll be out and about in the morning trying to find something last minute.
Fortunately at this time of year it shouldn’t be too difficult.  Let’s hope I’m right.

Cursed With Nines

21 10 2010

Thursdays are bowling days, and the evening was certainly not the best.

Fortunately, the evening started with dinner with friends for Brad’s birthday, a nice Thai dinner, a drink and conversation to celebrate and catch up.
Happy Birthday Brad!

Then… Bowling, where it all went downhill.
Aside from the social aspect of bowling which is enjoyable, my bowling wasn’t. It seemed like no matter what I tried I was cursed with only knocking down nine pins at a time. It didn’t matter what adjustments I made, everytime, without fail, I bowled nine pins.
There was always one remaining, and to add insult to injury, it wasn’t even the same pin each time.
To be fair, I did get a couple of strikes, and I even missed entirely on one occasion, oh well.
Time to start scheduling some practice time in during the week.

I’m certainly happy to be home now though…

Spoilt Mutts

20 10 2010

The day has been pretty noneventful, other than Pilates this morning and a few chores this afternoon, it’s been fairly quiet here.

The most excitement was when I got home from picking Mark up from work to find two huge boxes on the front door step.
The new dog kennel has arrived.

The old kennel is an insulated igloo, and relatively appropriate for the colder weather, but since one of the dogs tore the door off the kennel they fight over who gets to sit the furthest from the opening when the weather is bad.

So, we bought them a new one. A larger, better, more insulated, and ventilated, kennel. One that has options, such as a solar powered exhaust fan and windows for Summer, and an electrically heated pad inside it for when the weather is really cold, such as when it’s snowing.

You could say they’re spoilt, and you’d be right. It’s even more obvious when you take into account the kennel is called the “Dog Palace”.

Tomorrow they get their new house. One more job done!

Getting Back Into The Groove

19 10 2010

For the first time in ages I cooked today. A lovely roast of Beef loin, roasted elephant garlic, capsicum, brussel sprouts and onion.


Also a very nice change from having eaten out so often while we were away recently, and all of last week while we both recovered from all the travel.

That’s as exciting as the day got. But the plan is to cook a whole lot more. Especially as there are a few more jobs to be done around the house.
Until we grow a money tree, it’s time to be a little more thrifty.

Civilised Orthodontics

18 10 2010

It’s been two days and my feet are still sore from wearing heels to the Red Dress party on Saturday evening, but it was worth it.

As for today, it’s the first day of a new week, I’ve been to Pilates, home and showered, and then off to lunch with my friend Jeff where I enjoyed my first two Martinis in a very long time.

Dirty Vodka Martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives. Medicinal!
No really, they were. Once I’d had them, I couldn’t feel my feet anymore, and even better, I didn’t feel the adjustments I had done at the Orthodontist.
Not that I condone alcohol for Orthodontic visits, but it did make the whole experience a lot more pleasant.


Bare Necessities

17 10 2010

Last night was amazing, however my feet are killing me, and it’s very apparent that I’m no longer used to late nights.

So I spent the entire day bare foot, and in my pajamas doing as little as possible.

There is no chance in hell I’m wearing shoes today!!

Second Thoughts

15 10 2010

The last of my preparation work for tomorrow evenings Red Dress Party is complete.
I’ve been fitted for a wig, have a dress, shoes, corset, bra, and my makeup is being applied by a friend who performs in drag from time to time.
A whole bunch of effort, for one evening, putting my dignity aside, but doing it for charity!

I’m starting to get nervous and regret my initial acceptance to do this, but hell, it’s a first, and I may as well do it before I’m 40.

For tonight though, we’re going to relax and go and see our friend Derik perform, have a drink, and go home to have a good nights sleep.
Tomorrow is going to be huge.
Perhaps I should have practiced in the shoes a little more than I have.

Good night for now, the next update is going to be interesting to say the least.