Family Shenanigans

1 10 2010

Well I’ve been back for a little over three weeks now, and though that time my two year old nephew Jack has been a little less than enthused with my presence.

I’ve tried bribing him with chocolate, playing with him, but nothing has worked. That is, until today as last weekend I bought a bubble machine and a bubble wand.

I’m most definitnely not above bribery, and my efforts paid off. Today I got acknowleged in a more positive manner than “Noooo go away!”

Today has been cuddles and hugs, and feeding my newest nephew Lindsay.

Tonight it’s a family affair, Mum, Mark and I, my sister Kate, her husband Trevor and both of my nephews are having a “Sleepover at Nannies”.

Uncle Craig is very tired, but having a blast! 😉




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