Scenery, Friends, Food and Wine, Oh my!

3 10 2010

Starting with a trip to Pascoe Vale to meet our friends Scott and Leandro and see their house, we all piled into their car and headed out to Healesville for the day.

First stop was the local market where I saw something I’ve not seen in decades. Gollywogs! Multitudes of them! Apparently they’re popular again.

There wasn’t much else to see at the market. Well that’s not entirely true, but given the limitations of travel we avoided most of it.
No matter, the next stop was the winery the guys had booked for lunch; Giant Steps; Innocent Bystander.

It’s certainly not the most affordable place on the face of the planet, but the food and wine are awesome. Needless to say, we ate, we drank, we were merry!

Just when you thought the food had stopped for the day we met Mark’s brother Adam and his wife Nicole for dinner in Ormond, and did some more eating, drinking and socialising.

Another great day, that saw me being far too tired to type this entry until a good four days after the occurrence. 😉



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