Merry Mazel Tov!

5 10 2010

What a day!

Firstly, overnight a new nephew joined the family. Congratulations to Alida and Steve, so we got to meet him first thing this morning, and get cuddles and photos, and then Christmas with my family and nephews; Jack and Lindsay.

It’s certainly been a family day, and it couldn’t have been more enjoyable because of it.

There’s been gift exchanges, food, drink, laughter, even tears when a certain red-headed nephew, who shall remain unnamed got upset when his mother started eating pieces of the Gingerbread House that SHE built. Of course, being the kind, empathic Uncle that I am, I videoed it all, and am now counting down the days until his 21st birthday when I can roll it out for those in attendance! 😉

Thanks Mum for pulling it all together and preparing the most amazing food! xx

If I never eat another thing it’ll be too soon, or it’ll be breakfast tomorrow.

Happy Christmas in October, Mazel Tov and Love to you all!



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